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The Ohio Basement Professionals are Central Ohio’s experts for providing effective solutions to your basement and home improvement needs. Our service knowledge comes from years of work dedicated to performing detailed and highly accurate home inspections and contractor services.

We serve the Central Ohio area with quality solutions that address the source of your basement problems- from repairing cracked or bowing walls, to removing mold, to sump pump installation, waterproofing basements, and more. Learn how we can help improve the safety and structural security of your basement today.

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The Philosophy of Ohio Basement Professionals

We Listen to You!

Ohio Basement Professionals know that your budget, your priorities, and your needs will be unique. We pride ourselves on customizing our services, giving you our professional advice, and finding a long lasting solution that will best address all of your basement concerns. Our Central Ohio team promises to treat your home and your family with great care and ensure the safety and structural security of your basement as part of our guarantee.


Our Ohio Basement Professionals start out by taking a look at your basement, hear your concerns, and inspecting for other possible complications. From there our contractors can provide personalized repair advice that will drastically improve your space. We want to help protect your investment and provide a safe environment for your whole family.


Following a visit from our Central Ohio team to locate the source of your basement problems, we will thoroughly address these areas of your basement. By paying special attention to common problem spots, such as floor and wall cracks, the seals of windows, and your existing drainage system, we will identify the most comprehensive solutions. Our cleaning and repair treatments will give your basement a fresh new look and feel.

Need Help with Your Basement?

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Do you need help improving the usefulness of your basement? Whether it’s correcting your drainage system to avoid overflowing/leaks and protect your property, painting your new basement walls with mold repellent paint to avoid future issues, or waterproofing/sealing your basement to expand your current living space, Ohio Basement Professionals of Central Ohio want to help you! Contact us today for more information.

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We Are Central Ohio’s Basement Professionals

Our Highly Recommended Services

Basement Wall Stabilization

Do you have a bowed or cracked wall in your basement? Are you afraid of the safety risks associated with these unsupported walls? We are here to help! Our trained staff can install steel beams or carbo fiber supports to stabilize your walls and prevent further complications. Get your free quote today!

Waterproofing Basement

Our Central Ohio clients had experienced water leaking and seepage into their basements from many different parts of their homes. To best serve our clients’ needs, we feature above the floor systems, in the floor systems, and basement dewatering services to address wherever water may be coming into your home and prevent it from happening again. Contact us to learn more!

Sump Pump Installation

Does your basement have inadequate drainage? Do you often find water collecting on your basement floor with no where to go? If so, our team wants to help eliminate that problem by installing a high quality sump pump with excellent drainage, taking the water outside of your home instead of letting it create large puddles.

Mold Mitigation

We have solutions for your basement, no matter the degree of damage caused by mold. The Ohio Basement Professionals will assess the amount of mold present and determine how to best remove the mold, how to chemically clean and treat affected areas, and prevent future mold complications. To learn how we can help resolve your mold problems, give us a call today!

Improve Exterior Grading

Though we are the Ohio Basement Professionals, we understand that a quality job requires examining the whole scenario. During our assessment we will be able to determine if an improvement to exterior gutters, window wells, or the ground surrounding your basement could be beneficial to the effectiveness of your basement treatment.

Client Feedback

Giving Top Service to Every Client

“My basement had been wet for years. I had tried to self-correct the problem, but every spring the water came back. Ohio Basement Professionals were able to diagnose the issue quickly and fix the problem effectively. Now my basement is dry and my storage is back. Thank you Ohio Basement Pros.”

– Mike S.

“I thought waterproofing our basement would be way too expensive, so for years we just lived with the water every spring. This past year it got so bad I caved in and called Ohio Basement Professionals. They came out and dryed up my basement and for about half of what I had anticipated. I wouldn’t use anyone else.”

– Megan C.

“We were in the process of selling our home, but the large crack in our basement wall was scaring away potential buyers. Ohio Basement Professionals installed Carbon Fiber supports with a lifetime warrant and now our basement walls are a selling point. I highly recommend these guys.”

– Shannon L.

Who We Are

Our Guarantee


Our consultation process will consists of a thorough look at what your basement will need to have repaired, what products will work best in your home, and how we can accomplish everything within your budget.


Ohio Basement Professionals will find the source of your concerns and completely remove the problem. We want to get your basement back to the dry, waterproofed, secure structure it should always be.


Our Ohio team is made of experienced, hard working, technicians and contractors. The driving force of our business is to have outstanding customer satisfaction and safety with our friendly service and quality craftsmanship.


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Ohio Basement Professionals provide Columbus and the surrounding areas with effective solutions for a variety of basement repair and restoration needs. We would love to talk with you and determine how our services can improve the quality, safety, and security of your home. Contact us today for more information and to receive your FREE quote!

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